donderdag 25 augustus 2016

Open letter to Spotify

Dear Spotify

Thanks for your nearly perfect music streaming service.
However that is not where I want to spend my precious time on in writing this letter.

This is an attempt to give you some ‘outside the box’ views on your business model.

I do this because I’m a local and thus European politician and an ICT owner who is concerned about the bad EU support for ICT business in Europe. And I’m proud on Spotify being non American!

In short I think it is about time to cut out the legacy distributers out the music to consumer chain.

Music is made by the composers and performers (the creators). And listened to by the listers. This should be the only parties in the streaming DRM model!
If musicians need promotion, financing and management they themselves (or their representative) should make a deal with these promotors, producers and managers.

How to organize author rights and the linked DRM such that the music (and in fact any author rights) works this way is the real legal issue to be addressed!

I fact the following parties relations should be seen from the cashflow source:
listener > streamer > creators > creator services

Services needed by the creators is something they should make a deal about with their service providers. In the past function of distributer and service providers have tangled into one. This is not in the interest of the creators today anymore.

Are the creators aware of their new position? And who is helping them to empower their new position?

The creators are what I would refer to as the Original Owners. And it should be Spotify’s mission to make them aware of their Original Owners rights.

zaterdag 9 juli 2016

Update on OSX ..

Earlier I wrote about the things that are not good enough in Apple OSX. This is the article and this the item list:

  1. The keyboard lay-out and fact there is no standard mapping for standard keyboards. If you have to work on mixed systems (Linux / OSX / Windows) this is really annoying!
  2. DNS regularly lost in translations. Most of the time it is stable for weeks, but than without clear cause, it is completely lost. And it takes at least an hour working time to get it going again!
  3. Finder ... The fucking Finder ... One gets used to it, but.. permanent mounts ? doing them easily from finder? No way! Replacing it with something els in a practical manner. No way!
An update on these ..

DNS seams to have been improved. I did not dive into the detail.  Maybe later.

The keyboard thing ... Apple would please them selfs to use industry standards. They did not really exist at the time Apple made there first keyboard 1977 and since than they wend their own way. And one thing they did (1980) is adapted namely the special key or Apple or Command key(⌘).
In fact this is similar to the Windows key (1994). So there was a need for an extra key.
But IBM wend in 1980 their own way and in fact Windows wend the same way and they became marked leaders. But Apple decided to go their own way.
this is special annoying when you are used to keyboard short cuts for fast typing. Ctrl+z, Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v .. And so on.
Apple uses the ⌘ key in all their menu's in the place of the Ctrl key. Since I use these Ctrl combinations for changing the most. The first thing I do in my profile on OSX is changing the special keys in this way:
So I exchange the Command and control key!

Consequently all Ctrl+S, Ctrl+W and the previously mangent keys work as in the de facto industry standard!

Finder ... 
In fact finder appears to be only halve the story. Let me start by letting you know that in de mean time I bump into people that have Apple laptops with Windows running on it. Why? ... Finder!!! The fucking finder...

The problem is bigger however. Its Apple misplaced attempt to take over thinking by people. And they (Like Google to often) miss that people might have gone right in their think path where Apple wend left ... And wha la lost in translations ... the only feedback the user is left with is throwing the thing in the corner .. Or instal windows (worse)...
So a better name for finder would be Loser!

And to be frank about it. It is not that bad. It is matter of getting used to it.
What could help to make the 'getting used to in process' faster? Well some simple thing! 
  • A two pane view to replace the list view. with left the tree and right the list in the selected folder or a preview of the selected file.
  • In list-view a different double click behavior namely the same as the right arrow key behavior.
  • I list-view always use the tree indicators    Not like this: 
  • And start default in list-view the first time.

dinsdag 5 juli 2016

About browsers.

More and more the Browser is replacing the desktop/window.

I personal prefer a clean minimalistic as possible browser from an User eXperience perspective. Therefor on the desktop and on the iPad I prefer Safari. I use a lot of Google services however. They heavily rely on the newest Javascript and app in the browser technologies. Apple is clearly dragging behind on that. And some times I need to work with the Chrome-browsers on the desktop to perform tasks in Goole apps. Like this blogger thing for example. My cursor disappears all the time in Safari.
I also mis the favicon's in the tabs in Safari. There are tweaks to overcome the later issue. But I don't like tweaking my browser because it may introduce a security issue and in new versions they sometimes don't work or don't work properly, causing additional system maintenance work.
About Chrome for desktops an other thing. It tends to link a whole array off apps and app links taking up tons of uninvited memory and processing time making desktops slower that necessary.

Please Googlies give me a clean cut Chrome with an Android look and feel for the desktop.

maandag 8 februari 2016

What Twitter should do ...

OK. Who am I to say what Twitter should do ...

But I did some thinking. And I want Twitter to know about it.
A tweet is to short. So I write it down here and do a tweet with a link.

If we look at communication the following main types of communication can be recognized;
one to one (1to1)
one to many (1to n)
and many to one (n to1)
And these three can be split in two; short and long.
And these can be split in; text, images and video.
And so on ...

Twitter is has become the number one on 1 to n short messages.
In fact they are a kind of industrie standard for 1 to n short messaging.

Naturally they have to earn there money somehow. Advertising is the obvious way to go.

But if the messages get longer than 255 characters (IT practical number), they become blogs like this. People will get bored and move away from Twitter.

So how can Twitter make more money on advertising without damaging there unique position in the communication marketing field?

My solution would be introducing: * (asterix character)

The * should be a commercial #. A # on a subject can be started by anyone. A * on a subject has to be bought. But works further the same as #. So if you search on #timemagazine you will get messages with #timemagazine and *timemagazine.

maandag 6 juli 2015

The end of the chat app days are here. Beye bye WhatsApp ...

The fact that Chat-systems are isles that don't talk with each other, was starting to annoy me. You are locked up in a community. The nice thing about email is that all the communities can talk with each other.
Once there was a technical and financial reason to chat. The messages can be small and thus cheap. And email used to be very slow. Sometimes it would take minutes to receive an email back ...
But now days, we send images and videos in chats. And emails get back in seconds. So what is still the benefit?
Only one! The interface orientation. It is chat (people-network) oriented.
So in fact we only use chat systems because of their interface. And pay the price of beïng locked up into a vender chat space...
I started to search the web for a solution that would give email a chat interface. And I found HOP!
From And I will stop with all stupid not with each other talking chat apps! What a liberation ...

woensdag 24 juni 2015

The new way to publishing is PTW

As most of the time in history, converting from old to new is dominated by the social learning curve.
There is always the small number Columbus like of people investigating the edge af the flat world while being convinced the world is round.
But there are also the people who thought they could fly from the eiffel tower like a bird and are not with us anymore.
The fast majority of people wait and see. And if new ways prove to be successful the crowd follows.

1.Gather data,
2.Combine and decompose,
3.Identify blocking issues,
4.Search for better ways,
5.Try and evaluate the better ways.

The internet development from the early days at DARPA until now is a road covered with failures.
Sometimes a better way exists for a long time until being discovered for a long time. Most of the time it is so called Abandonware. Someone went in a new direction but no one saw that it was the better way. Most of the time because a paradigm switch was not made yet.

The paradigm switch phones, tablets and TV's in internet cause is that one publishes for phones, tablets and wall's. Not for paper anymore!

The publishing process asks for traditional people skills like writing, designing, imaging... etc... But all for the phone, tablet or wall...! (PTW publishing!)

The graphical design people, video people, photographers are all converted to tools that fit PTW perfectly... But the writers are stuck in paperwork. The paper publishing tools like MS-Word, WordPerfect, LibreOffice-Write,... etc.

The good news is, there is abandonware that makes the writers fit and join in into the New PTW age!! It is called Markdown! It is an 11 years old solution for writing for the internet. But the PTW paradigm switch had not occurred.

About time to re-educate writers! To learn them about the nice tool that makes the writes again. And makes them fit in the PTW age seamlessly.

Ben Balter did in 2014 a good analyses why .DOC, .ODT are not for PTW but .MD IS!!
If you are a writer, know your place in the crowd making good looking and working publication and want to play a part in PTW, read it and switch to MD! And leave the CSS, imagery, etc. to the graphies.

Benefit from these websites:

I (on Mac) use LightPaper and Atom. But I am not really a writer...

dinsdag 28 april 2015

Why Google will lose business because of a very small omission in Android.

Google, long time ago, made the good decision to make the browser THE user interface. They did not have their own operating system. So to be platform independent choosing for the browser was a smart choice. But than smart-phones came along. And where to put ads (the Google money maker) on a smartphone app? Well in the browser again. But in the begin days apps where depending on poor network capacity and not browser based.
Today that is changing back again. And Google decided to make mobile friendly webpages better ranked on searching from a mobile device. (
But what a Joke! If you build websites, the worst detection on the device type (smart-phone/ tablet/ desk-top/ wall(tv)) is on Android! In JavaScript, [navigator.platform] will give back iPhone if it is an iPhone and you know you need to switch to a iPhone friendly web layout. Or it will give iPad and you know you need to switch to a Tabled friendly web layout. For Win32, Win64 and MacIntel you can switch to a desktop friendly web layout. For "Wall" devices (TV's, beamers, etc.) id don't know what the status is.
If Google does not want to lose ad business on portable devices, they rapidly introduce aPhone and aTablet for Android smart phone and Android Tablets as a reply on navigator.platform.
And for Chromecast it should reply 'aWall' (Android Wall)