dinsdag 28 april 2015

Why Google will lose business because of a very small omission in Android.

Google, long time ago, made the good decision to make the browser THE user interface. They did not have their own operating system. So to be platform independent choosing for the browser was a smart choice. But than smart-phones came along. And where to put ads (the Google money maker) on a smartphone app? Well in the browser again. But in the begin days apps where depending on poor network capacity and not browser based.
Today that is changing back again. And Google decided to make mobile friendly webpages better ranked on searching from a mobile device. (http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.nl/2015/02/finding-more-mobile-friendly-search.html)
But what a Joke! If you build websites, the worst detection on the device type (smart-phone/ tablet/ desk-top/ wall(tv)) is on Android! In JavaScript, [navigator.platform] will give back iPhone if it is an iPhone and you know you need to switch to a iPhone friendly web layout. Or it will give iPad and you know you need to switch to a Tabled friendly web layout. For Win32, Win64 and MacIntel you can switch to a desktop friendly web layout. For "Wall" devices (TV's, beamers, etc.) id don't know what the status is.
If Google does not want to lose ad business on portable devices, they rapidly introduce aPhone and aTablet for Android smart phone and Android Tablets as a reply on navigator.platform.
And for Chromecast it should reply 'aWall' (Android Wall)

vrijdag 10 april 2015

Strange Apple thinks.

I like my Mac (OSX) more that I did like Windows. But!

Still 3 things are annoying me regularly!

  1. The keyboard lay-out and the fact there is no standard mapping for standard keyboards. If you have to work on mixed systems (Linux / OSX / Windows) this is really annoying!
  2. DNS regularly lost in translations. Most of the time it is stable for weeks, but than without clear cause, it is completely lost. And it takes at least an hour working time to get it going again!
  3. Finder ... The fucking Finder ... One gets used to it, but.. permanent mounts ? doing them easily from finder? No way! Replacing it with something els in a practical manner. No way!
I advice people with no feel for ICT, buy only Apple and store everything on the iCloud. Thus iPhone, iPad, Mac.
Expensive but you help them once and never hear them again. While with Windows users .... you have to assist them frequently.

Google ChromeMachines + Android could be an alternative. And is if you want to pay less and accept more user assistance (about equal to Windows).
This is not because Chrome is less user friendly but Android devices (Tablet and Phones) are full of crapware! Especially Samsung software is making a mess from your Android device. And Google does not have its act together concerning photo's and movies! Picasa? Google+? I don't even want to know anymore what it is today! I'm lost.
Google to much tries to integrate everything in Google (Office, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter .. Google does it all .. ) But as usual with generalists, most of it poorly!
They did a good job with Drive and the online text, sheet and presentation software. The chrome browser is the best. But ... Photo file handling ... You better select Dropbox Carousel for that!

As for communications.

Apple FaceTime? iChat? Facebook/WhatsApp (better get naked on the street), Google+ (again), Talk, Skype, ..... And of cause they don't talk with each other! My advice, use twitter and the phone.
If Twitter would come with Twitter Messenger we all could get rid of WhatsApp.
Twitter wake up!