zaterdag 9 juli 2016

Update on OSX ..

Earlier I wrote about the things that are not good enough in Apple OSX. This is the article and this the item list:

  1. The keyboard lay-out and fact there is no standard mapping for standard keyboards. If you have to work on mixed systems (Linux / OSX / Windows) this is really annoying!
  2. DNS regularly lost in translations. Most of the time it is stable for weeks, but than without clear cause, it is completely lost. And it takes at least an hour working time to get it going again!
  3. Finder ... The fucking Finder ... One gets used to it, but.. permanent mounts ? doing them easily from finder? No way! Replacing it with something els in a practical manner. No way!
An update on these ..

DNS seams to have been improved. I did not dive into the detail.  Maybe later.

The keyboard thing ... Apple would please them selfs to use industry standards. They did not really exist at the time Apple made there first keyboard 1977 and since than they wend their own way. And one thing they did (1980) is adapted namely the special key or Apple or Command key(⌘).
In fact this is similar to the Windows key (1994). So there was a need for an extra key.
But IBM wend in 1980 their own way and in fact Windows wend the same way and they became marked leaders. But Apple decided to go their own way.
this is special annoying when you are used to keyboard short cuts for fast typing. Ctrl+z, Ctrl+x, Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v .. And so on.
Apple uses the ⌘ key in all their menu's in the place of the Ctrl key. Since I use these Ctrl combinations for changing the most. The first thing I do in my profile on OSX is changing the special keys in this way:
So I exchange the Command and control key!

Consequently all Ctrl+S, Ctrl+W and the previously mangent keys work as in the de facto industry standard!

Finder ... 
In fact finder appears to be only halve the story. Let me start by letting you know that in de mean time I bump into people that have Apple laptops with Windows running on it. Why? ... Finder!!! The fucking finder...

The problem is bigger however. Its Apple misplaced attempt to take over thinking by people. And they (Like Google to often) miss that people might have gone right in their think path where Apple wend left ... And wha la lost in translations ... the only feedback the user is left with is throwing the thing in the corner .. Or instal windows (worse)...
So a better name for finder would be Loser!

And to be frank about it. It is not that bad. It is matter of getting used to it.
What could help to make the 'getting used to in process' faster? Well some simple thing! 
  • A two pane view to replace the list view. with left the tree and right the list in the selected folder or a preview of the selected file.
  • In list-view a different double click behavior namely the same as the right arrow key behavior.
  • I list-view always use the tree indicators    Not like this: 
  • And start default in list-view the first time.

dinsdag 5 juli 2016

About browsers.

More and more the Browser is replacing the desktop/window.

I personal prefer a clean minimalistic as possible browser from an User eXperience perspective. Therefor on the desktop and on the iPad I prefer Safari. I use a lot of Google services however. They heavily rely on the newest Javascript and app in the browser technologies. Apple is clearly dragging behind on that. And some times I need to work with the Chrome-browsers on the desktop to perform tasks in Goole apps. Like this blogger thing for example. My cursor disappears all the time in Safari.
I also mis the favicon's in the tabs in Safari. There are tweaks to overcome the later issue. But I don't like tweaking my browser because it may introduce a security issue and in new versions they sometimes don't work or don't work properly, causing additional system maintenance work.
About Chrome for desktops an other thing. It tends to link a whole array off apps and app links taking up tons of uninvited memory and processing time making desktops slower that necessary.

Please Googlies give me a clean cut Chrome with an Android look and feel for the desktop.